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Our newest room, a commercial countryside studio, available for hourly, daily & weekly hire, with or without engineer.
Uninterrupted countryside views in a peaceful location in Hertfordshire, with a collection of vintage & esoteric eqpt. A highly desirable creative space for writing, tracking, programming & mixing, as well as voiceovers, podcasts & audiobooks.

The only commercial suite in the LA Sound family, this brand new studio has views over the Hertfordshire countryside. Clients have access to high spec equipment including outboard by Millennia, Avalon, Neve, Teletronix & Tube Tech, with monitoring on Focal Twins, Yamaha NS10's, Auratones and Pure Evoke.


An extensive mic collection includes the Manley Gold, Neumann U87, Slate VMS as well as various other Neumann models and a selection from DPA.  Several vintage guitars & basses from Gibson, Fender & Lakland, a collector's series DW drum kit and other percussion instruments are also available for use.  For a detailed list of equipment, please click here.


Fully plug and play if you need to bring your own system which can be patched in easily, or use the in house Pro Tools HD / Logic Pro setup, with industry standard plugins from Waves, Soundtoys, Lexicon.


The studio has its own bathroom with shower, as well as access to a home gym and fully stocked bar with pool table, table tennis, table football and darts!  Overnight accommodation can be arranged on request.

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