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Coming available end September 2021
Vintage & esoteric gear make this a desirable studio for writing, tracking & mixing.

The only semi commercial suite in the complex, this has been home to the same producer for 9 years.  High spec equipment includes preamps by Millennia, Avalon & Universal Audio, dynamics including much sought after 1176's and 1178, as well as dbx 160 VU's.  An extensive mic collection includes the Manley Gold, Flea C12 clone, various Neumann models and a selection from DPA.


Focal Twin, Yamaha NS10, Auratones and Pure Evoke monitoring, fully Pro Tools and Logic ready with industry standard plugins from Waves, Soundtoys, Lexicon etc.


Dimensions are 14' wide x 10' deep .  Video link to the live room.  Email for day rates.

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